Peer Review for the Dental Team: National Toolkit

The Shropshire and Staffordshire Local Dental Network are delighted to present the national peer review toolkit for the dental team. The purpose of this toolkit is to:

  • Facilitate the establishment of peer review groups;
  • Encourage participation of all dental professionals in peer review;
  • Support group facilitators in conducting meetings appropriately;
  • Provide the required documentation for creating a peer review group;
  • Provide peer review groups with bespoke meeting templates for a range of dental subspecialties; and
  • Set the minimum standards that would have to be met to enable payment of funds to peer review

We hope that this toolkit will serve as a useful guide for NHS and private dental practices, community dental services, secure settings, secondary care providers and any member of the dental team intending to start a peer review group.


  1. Peer Review for the Dental Team: National Toolkit (PDF) – provides a comprehensive background and guidance to peer review, including how an organisation can fund peer review and how dental professionals can start a peer review group.
  2. Quick Reference Guide (PDF) provides a summary of the full guidance that aims to inform dental professionals of the key recommendations for conducting peer review.
  3. Resources (Doc) provides all the resources required to participate in peer review, in an editable format.
  4. Promotional poster
  5. How to set up a funded scheme
  6. How to set up a peer review group
  7. Facilitator training – A peer review group facilitator should have appropriate training in facilitating meetings. You can watch the free webinar below which provides basic training for aspiring facilitators.
  • Webinar: Peer Review for the Dental Team Facilitator Training
  • Channel: Local Dental Network

A verifiable CPD certificate can be issued once the webinar has been viewed in its entirety. Contact Hassan-Ali Ismail ( who will send you a series of CPD questions and a feedback evaluation form. Certificates will be emailed to learners following completion of both the CPD questions and feedback evaluation form.

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